Give the kids away to good homes instead of the family pet?

Once again my Facebook is full off “Free to a good home”, “Breaks my heart but Rover / Tom doesnt get on with new baby” WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!!!!!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my rant and how angry i got about this earlier today?

I am a believer that “Family pets” are for life not just for Christmas or until you get bored with them. Why get a pet as a family member and then after a while decide to have kids or move into a smaller place and decide the pet is no longer part of the family? E.g the kids are terrorising the cat I need to rehome her? Eh why not rehome your brats or at the very least discipline them? I bought a great Dane pup and didn’t know it would grow as big. Eh are you that stupid that the word Great didn’t ring a bell, did you not google pictures of it first?pup great-dane-william-margo-main


Best excuse i have seen on facebook today has to be ” Rehoming the dog because i am pregnant again and I just wont have time for him anymore” What are they going to do with the current children they have? are they going to rehome them as well as they wont have time for them when the new baby arrives???????


Here are some examples of excuses i found online for giving “Family Pets” away.

1. Loving family dog free to good home
Her name is Bella
German shepherd cross collie staff 1 years old has grew up round small kids and is a gorgeous dog.
She can get giddy as she is only a puppy still but she listens to commands.
only reason she is free is because our 3rd kid is on the way and we are moving to a new house and no dogs allowed. It kills me to rehome her as she is such a lovely dog.

2. Two perfect rats and cage free to a good home, they are are approx 5 months old and are used to be handled daily and given lots off attention,

They come with a £90 cage and water bottle, a Free pair of great pets that we can no longer keep due to our new dog not gettiing along with them.

3. jack Russell terrier “FREE TO VERY GOOD HOME ONLY!” INSPECTION MAY BE CARRIED OUT TO MAKE SURE YOU WILL LOVE AND CHERISH THIS DOG! reason for putting him up for adoption is because i dont have the time he desperatley deserves and requires. Hes brilliant with other dogs not sure on cats or other animals. UNFORTUNATLEY HES NOT VERY GOOD WITH CHILDREN DUE TO “BEING OVER HYPERACTIVE!” hes white with a touch of brown. very loving loyal dog. i am gutted to have to part with him. for any more info at all please email me. many thanks.

1 year 7 months old
White & Ginger Neutered
Very loving House trained
need to re-home due to moving


Rant over i feel better now for getting that out my system….


Thanks for reading @bunkleboy


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